Colombia – Dario Guerra, Delagua


Process Natural, 25h Anaerobic fermentation
Producer Dario Guerra, Delagua
Notes Candy, Orange zest, Blackberry Jam
Variety Castillo, Colombia
Altitude 1740 masl
Weight 250g

DelAgua Coffee was born at La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Water has become their greatest treasure and its conservation, their purpose. As challenging as this statement is when it comes to producing coffee, they have called this their mission. This project produces coffees through a community–based model using the minimum amount of water in their processing methods while encouraging their team and the traditional coffee growers to become the guardians of biodiversity. By using only natural and honey processing methods, they reduce water usage by 880,294 liters per year (compared to traditional washed methods that use up to 40 liters per Kg).

Our fermentation begins when we buy the coffee cherries at our partner farms, in covered 30kg
valved tanks. The tanks are then transported to our drying center, which takes approximately 25 hours. The valves allow the oxygen to escape, creating an anaerobic environment that allows us to maintain an average temperature of 18° celsius. This means the pH levels fall slowly, furthering the proliferation
of lactic acids within the ferment. This greatly contributes to the juicy, fruity, and exotic yet clean
profiles we find in the cup. We aim to produce naturals that challenge the perception that naturals
are inherently funky. The precise and controlled approach that we take allows us to preserve
clarity in our coffees, while still innovating new and vibrant profiles.
In the drying center, we have 52 raised beds, each 1.8 meters wide by 20 meters long.
Forty beds are completely exposed to the sun, and 12 beds are covered in 60% shade.
The average time it takes for our naturals to dry is between 25 days and 30 days. All of the coffee is dried naturally by sunlight at our facility. They begin with two days in beds fully exposed to the sun, then move to poly-mesh covered beds to extend the drying period to an average of 25 days.
This year, we only produced natural process coffees to help preserve our water and stop
contaminating it. We also are the only ones to process this quantity of naturals in the area,
due to infrastructure challenges faced on the road from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the drying stations in lower altitudes, where drying conditions are optimal for natural coffees. Another
thing that sets us apart in the area is that during both the fermentation and drying
processes, we keep each batch separate. This helps us maintain our high standards of precision,
and keep meticulous notes on each coffee throughout its entire journey.

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Weight 250 g

250g bag


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